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Happy birthday to the most amazing woman I know! Mum you have done so much for me and the rest of this family that there is no way that we can even begin to thank you! You have the biggest heart and you’re not afraid to share the love and compassion you have. I hope you have an incredible day today filled with family, friends, food and love because there is no one more deserving than you! Love you Xxx #MotherDaughter #FamBam #Disneyland #throwback #HappyBirthdayMum <3
Since I got tagged to do this, twice, thanks for that @eloisehath & @lauraapiper. Here we go. 
20 random and potentially useless facts about me.
1) My family is everything to me.
2) I sing way too many show tunes on a daily basis.
3) I quote way too many movies.
4) My dream goal is to be Jane at Disneyland so I can hang out with Tarzan (you know what I’m saying ladies;) !)
5) I hate the Australian accent in comparison to others.
6) I love the world that we live in and everything that it has to offer.
7) I prefer my hair curled because it makes me feel like I belong in old Hollywood.
8) I hate that I’m not book smart, or arty or sporty.
9) I take pride in the way I look and how I present myself through my clothes, make-up, hair and shoes 
10) I tend to shut down in serious situations.
11) I don’t take offence to anything that is said to or about me often, if I do then obviously I care about the person who has said such offence.
12) Water is amazing, yet I don’t drink enough of it.
13) I hate feet, but I love dancer feet (dancer problems)
14) Year 12 has gone by so fast.
15) I can’t wait to actually start my life away from school.
16) I have pointe shoes hanging from my rearview mirror in my car #dancelife
17) I can’t imagine what I would be doing without dance….scary thought 
18) My friends are head cases, like me
19) I’ve never wanted to be anyone but myself, I might have wanted stronger feet or better flexibility or thicker hair but I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin
20) I can’t believe that you read that entire thing…..weirdo ;)
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